Meeting Minutes

March 20, 2018


Called to order.

Kristina forgot last meeting’s minutes.

Need to change photos on website.

Handouts are passed around regarding how the County Convention will function.

  • Convention will take place at the courthouse, upstairs in the main courtroom.
  • Credentials must be checked before we can proceed. Anyone who voted democrat in the primary or did not vote at all is eligible to attend. Cannot attend if you have voted republican in this primary.
  • Guests will sign in with Steve and Lesa, and Steve will declare everyone certified.
  • We’ll do rules and resolutions. Won’t have rules at the county level, only at senatorial level. We’ll hand out a sheet for resolutions and take them back up after an hour and vote on them if there are any. After that, those resolutions will advance to the senatorial level.
  • Kristina will fill out the form for the minutes and send to Robert.
  1. Call to order
  2. Filing of resolutions
  3. Credentials
  4. Rules (which we won’t do)
  5. Nomination of delegates. Usually done first at precinct level. We don’t have enough people for this. If there are 6 or less who want to be delegates, rules can be suspended and they will be it. If there are more than 6, we will have to vote. Each person attending the convention gets to choose 6 people. It will be done by raising of hands. No secret ballots, ever. Preferably we would have a certain ratio of delegates, but it may not work out that way. We will have 6 delegates, 6 alternates, and the county chair gets to go as a superdelegate. There will not be superdelegates after this year.
  6. Forms will be completed and sent to the state.
  7. There may or may not be videos shown by projector, and candidates are allowed to speak as well.
  8. Anyone can apply to be an “At Large” delegate if they fit any certain category set forth by the state.


The only runoff election for Jasper county is a republican race. We do have runoff races for state office. We’ll have to figure out how to go about getting that done.

Preliminary schedule for the state convention has been posted and sent out.

SDEC is the day before the convention starts, and is not us, so don’t worry.

Senatorial caucus is when all delegates from Senate District meet to nominate people and vote.

Gubernatorial convention does not require commitment to a candidate like the presidential convention does. This year we’re doing Governor, Lt Gov, and state officers.

The state convention has caucuses on Thursday. It’s not absolutely essential to be there until Friday for the Senatorial caucus.

The block of rooms for State convention is filled. Other options include other hotels or AirBnb. Parking may be a problem. Public transit/uber/lyft/or taxi may be best option.

State convention will vote on the platform and resolutions. Lots of activities and caucuses available to attend.


  • Meet and greet? Will have to happen after runoff election
  • Announcement with wrong time? 9:30, not 10:30


  • KJAS hasn’t posted announcement.
  • Pick up voter roll on Thursday.
  • Need a platform as a county. Most people think current elected officials are doing a good job, so we need something else. Need to get pastors and churches to step up.



  • Kristina Mathews
  • Robert Webb
  • Lesa Caldwell
  • Terry Norsworthy
  • LV Rasberry
  • Steve Adams
  • Anita Garrett
  • Rodney Norsworthy
  • Willie King